LCO & Partners was born from the desire of professionals with many years of proven experience and to pool their skills and experiences to offer customers assistance and consultancy services that are as qualitative as possible, broad and complete with the intention of accompanying and supporting companies in complex and dynamic national and international contexts.

The services are dedicated to companies and individuals with a focus on compliance to the tax and corporate sphere, extraordinary finance operations and generational handovers are typical of the LCO & Partners activity.

LCO & Partners counts among its customers companies and groups operating across several business sectors (manufacturing, commercial, services and financial intermediation), both Italian and foreign, private and listed on the Stock Exchange, proactively helping them to govern the complex dynamics administrative, fiscal, financial typical of a constantly evolving regulatory environment.

Through the Prime Global international association of which LCO & Partners is among the historical member, the Firm is able to support its clients even in a globalized context, characterized by strong internationalization.

Prime Global is the second largest professional association in the world, both for the number of connected professionals and for the turnover of the members; it bases its professional network on over 300 professional entities operating in more than 100 countries, with more than 3,000 partners and 28,000 collaborators, who offer their skills in various capacities to support associated firms and their clients in European and non-European contexts.